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Sump Pumps

sump pump installationThe sump pump sits in a pit in the basement of your home and collects underground water. The sump pit collects water from the drainage system protecting your foundation and ejects the water through a discharge pipe out of your home. Water-driven back up pumps take over when the electricity fails, using water flow to siphon the existing water from the pit.

A sump pump keeps your basement and the area under it from filling with water and flooding in the event of a heavy storm or large amount of snow melt. The sump is a reservoir below your basement that is intended to fill up when levels of groundwater increase, rather than allowing the water to get into your basement causing serious damage. A sump pump moves that water up to ground level and pushes it away from your home. It is necessary to keep a properly functioning sump pump in your basement to ensure the health and integrity of your home is preserved.

We here at Velco Plumbing can service, repair or replace your existing sump pump.  We are knowledgable in all name brands and types of sump pumps.  Call Today!